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WBWL-I Two Compartment Wood Chest

Chess Box has small imperfection: small dent on top of lid left side. Normally $36.00. Reduced to $25.00.

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No 7014M-I Standard Chess Board. 40mm Squares

Chess Board has small imperfection: small dark spot on square, bottom of board left hand side third square in (brown). Normally $48.00 Reduced to $29.00.

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No 7166-I Marble Chess Set and Board

Marble chess board has small imperfection: top left corner second square down (white) left side of board. Normally $196.00. Reduced to $146.

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No 7162-15-I Chess Set and Folding Board. 78mm King

Folding Chessboard has small imperfection: wood discolouration bottom right hand corner. Normally $64.50. Reduced to $44.50

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